Staying compliant with the many regulations and complex labor laws is a challenge for companies of all sizes. No one wants to receive the notice that the Department of Labor or the OFCCP is going to audit their company, but the key is to be prepared if they do.

We will conduct a robust Compliance Review that includes updating or drafting policies and procedures, job descriptions (FLSA categorizations), employee notices (Labor Law postings), and annual compliance reporting (EEO-1, VETS-1, AAP, etc.).

Compliance Training

We train your supervisors in best practices such as interviewing dos-and-don’ts, avoiding harassment, and shifting company cultural habits that may expose you to costly claims. The cost of legal defense can be devastating, and we can minimize risk exposure.

Policies & Procedures

SourceWell excels at documenting current or desired policies and procedures and producing Employee Handbooks and Procedure Manuals. Whether you need to provide back-office policies, interviewing/hiring guidelines, or a Supervisory Policies Manual, we prepare each draft and include key team players for review until a finished product is approved.

Compensation Review

Whether working on a new staffing bid, or ensuring that your current employees are being paid competitively, a Compensation Review can provide invaluable data for your company. Armed with accurate information, you can implement pay bands and reduce turnover by staying aware of your employees’ earning potential in the marketplace. Leverage SourceWell’s experience to research and prepare a thorough review for your team.

Benefits Administration

Preparing an adequate benefits package for your company is a daunting task for any employer! Let us relieve you of that burden by working with your Insurance Brokers to prepare annual plan options. We coordinate and conduct engaging Open Enrollment presentations, liaison between employees and insurance broker/provider, and eld employee benefit questions for you.


Managers are positioned to choose the candidates for a team, but may not have the time to wade through hundreds of applicants, or ensure that legal requirements are met. SourceWell drafts and posts job listings and provides basic screening services so that only the best candidates are submitted to your hiring managers. EEO requirements for reporting on eligible candidates will be tracked, and if your company is ready to utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we will recommend and administer the ATS for you.

Personnel Security

Let us manage the process of submitting clearance requests for new or existing employees. We guide applicants through the e-QIP, fingerprinting, non-disclosures, and agency suitability forms. Once cleared, we provide security briefings and will de-brief terminating employees.
(If you need help with FSO duties, ask us about keeping JPAS updates current, preparing Visit Requests, and other NISPOM-related tasks as needed.)


Begin your professional relationship with each employee by presenting a polished, prepared front from offer to onboarding. SourceWell prepares and sends your offer letters and negotiates any counter-offers on your behalf.
We schedule onboarding meetings and deliver a warm welcome on behalf of your team, briefing them on benefits, timekeeping systems, handbook policies, and other important expectations. Any company or government-mandated forms, including the I-9 and e-Verify, will be witnessed and tracked according to regulations.

Job Performance

Even the best employees can sometimes have seasons where performance suffers for various reasons. Handling those necessary corrective conversations with con dent tactfulness could mean the difference between salvaging or losing a great team member. We represent your company’s requirements and present them in a compassionate but uncompromising delivery. We document incidents, track progress, and counsel the employee as needed until the performance improves. Next-step Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) are recommended and implemented when appropriate.

Should termination be necessary, SourceWell will lead you and the employee through termination procedures. Whether voluntary or not, all terminating employees will be given exit interviews, debriefed from any security programs, and separated in JPAS. We ensure COBRA notices and any other appropriate termination documents are issued.

For all employees, periodic Performance Reviews can be a helpful means of providing encouragement and guiding team members toward future professional growth. We evaluate your company’s culture and recommend a review program that fits your needs and promotes employee buy-in.